A Birthday Ode for Dad

To our wonderful dad – so sublimeTo honour this memorable timeWe wanted to sayIn our unique wayHow special you are in a rhyme In Lincolnshire born and bredA humble young life it was ledHis time was spent mostIn farming and postOr walking that pram out instead! A great tennis player was heAnd Rugby, it brought […]

An Anniversary Ode

To mark one year’s marriage together I won’t give you tin, wood or leather It’s paper this time So here is a rhyme To tell you I’ll love you forever We first met on LinkedIn, it’s true My interest, it grew and it grew It gave me such thrills To endorse your skills How lucky […]

Lizzie – A Farewell Ode

In a place that was called VSO A wonderful woman did grow Now after 8 years Of blood, sweat and tears Here’s what we think you should know… With her warm and pragmatic style She knew how to make people smile No problem too small She’d help with it all  Always willing to go one […]

An Ode to Our Volunteers

A special commission for International Development Organisation, VSO, to commemorate their incredible volunteers at the Annual VSO Volunteer Awards in December 2022. A challenging brief with some hard hitting subject matter (and very long words to fit in!) but a real honour to write. As the end of another year nears We gather as VSO […]

An Ode to Online Dating

An ode to the great Dating SiteOh how they tease and delightYour search for a blokeBrings all kinds of folkJust who will you find there tonight? A typical profile to meetLooks like a Fifty Shades treatWhips, chains and cropsA few other propsAnd a curious penchant for feet But if you elect not to leaveBe wary of what […]

An Ode to Theresa May

An ode to Theresa May To mark her last leadership day Through the highs and the lows The Ayes and the No’s There’s some things we’d like to replay… The most dutiful woman you’d meet Tenacious, determined, discrete But given the chance She’d bust out a dance And skip along meadows of wheat A Tory […]