A Birthday Ode for Dad

To our wonderful dad – so sublime
To honour this memorable time
We wanted to say
In our unique way
How special you are in a rhyme

In Lincolnshire born and bred
A humble young life it was led
His time was spent most
In farming and post
Or walking that pram out instead!

A great tennis player was he
And Rugby, it brought him such glee
The games played for laughs
The fags, sweaty baths
And trips to the town’s A&E!

He started at Wiggin and Co
Where soon his career it would grow
This lawyer of ours
Shook-hands with some stars
Then went on to run his own show

So much to the business he brought
Respected and so highly thought
But one thing’s for sure
With tech skills so poor
Thank god for his PA’s support!

Passions, he has quite a few
The theatre and golf are just two
A tough Harley man
Yet big rom-com fan
A wide range of interests, it’s true!

Some traits they are truly unique
Like walking in shorts when it’s bleak
Or making it known
Our veg is home grown
And reading 4 books in a week!

The most loving dad you could find
So patient, supportive and kind
School drop-off shifts
And 2am lifts
Whatever the task, he’d not mind

While driving the school run commute
He’d sing to Jive Bunny en route
The sound in our ears
Could bring us to tears
If only we knew how to mute!

We’ve loved hiking Lake District’s sights
And watching those Gleneagles Kites
From Italian sun
And Disneyland fun
To watching our Cherry and Whites!

A grandpa that Sam just adores
They both love their walks and explores
From jumping in brooks
To Pegga Pig books
And simply ‘chillaxing’ indoors

The most laid-back man there could be
He’ll chat to a stranger or three
Whatever life throws
Our dad always knows
“It’s all part of life’s tapestry…”

So without any further ado
A message from Jo and Al too
We’d like to say cheers
To 70 great years
And thanks Dad, for just being you