An Ode to Theresa May

An ode to Theresa May

To mark her last leadership day

Through the highs and the lows

The Ayes and the No’s

There’s some things we’d like to replay…

The most dutiful woman you’d meet

Tenacious, determined, discrete

But given the chance

She’d bust out a dance

And skip along meadows of wheat

A Tory for 40 long years

She gave it her blood, sweat and tears

From suburban MP

To Home Secretary

It’s sure been one heck of careers

Yes up and up she did climb

Soon dealing with migrants and crime

But Cameron’s Blues

Were starting to lose

And felt they were on borrowed time

With UKIP hot on their trail

And posts in the darn Daily Mail

An EU decoy

Was Cameron’s ploy

But oh how that tactic did fail

They all found it hard to believe

That people had chosen to leave

Oh what a mess

So many said yes

And David was given the heave

So up stepped poor Mrs May

With a difficult hand left to play

A bunch of miffed peers

Some staunch Brexiteers

A challenge in every which way

So when conference day did arrive

We thought she’d not get out alive

That dry scratchy cough

The sign that fell off

Not to mention the P45

But ‘Brexit means Brexit’ she said

Her lines they were drawn out in red

Her ‘strong stable lead’

A challenge indeed

There sure was big trouble ahead

With Junker and Tusk at the top

She thought up the Irish Backstop

But beaten down thrice

It can’t have been nice

To see that her bill was a flop

Now Boris and Co join the game

Looking for Hard-Brexit fame

Will flexing their muscles

Beat those in Brussels

Or will they find more of the same?

Well whoever the next person in

She’ll watch with a wry knowing grin

Take up her back seat

Put up those sore feet

And find a large bottle of gin!