An Ode to Online Dating

An ode to the great Dating Site
Oh how they tease and delight
Your search for a bloke
Brings all kinds of folk
Just who will you find there tonight?
A typical profile to meet
Looks like a Fifty Shades treat
Whips, chains and crops
A few other props
And a curious penchant for feet
But if you elect not to leave
Be wary of what you believe
I hasten to say
He’s no Christian Grey
But a portly accountant called Steve
The next is much sweeter and shyer
A “snuggle” is all they desire
They’ve much love to give
With mum they do live
And explain they’re “a bit of a crier”
Next up….a nude man in bed?
Why can’t you see this chap’s head?
I think in real-life
There’s likely a wife
Oh who said that romance is dead?!
But soon you have found ‘Man of Dreams’
A profile so hot that it steams
His words, they beguile
Those eyes, and that smile!
But all is not quite what it seems…
He’s making you giddy and silly
The stallion to your love-struck filly
You share hopes and fears
But then it appears
A strange little pic of his willy

But through all our moans and our gripes

The rogues and the “good god no!” types

We know Mr Right

Will soon come to light

So let’s have a couple more swipes…!