Limericks for Life Questionnaire

Please let me know a few basic details about the recipient, especially anything you'd particularly like mentioned e.g. their age, where they live / grew up, occupation, family members / pets, notable physical features, etc.
Please give me a sense of their character and personality (funny, supportive, lovable, etc), ideally with some examples of their personality in action. For example "They're the funniest person I know, like the time they turned up at work wearing a gorilla costume!"
Please let me know if they have any particular hobbies or interests, the more unique the better!
Please describe any unusual quirks or idiosyncrasies.
Please use this space to share any stories or memories about the recipient that you'd like to include.
What are the key messages you'd like to get accross e.g. 'Wishing you lots of love on your birthday", 'Thank you for always being there" etc.